Florida Family Laboratory is certified to provide services to Medicare, Medicaid, Champus, PPO’s, PPC’s and all private insurance companies. We offer the following Special Services:

  • Courier Services – These services are available on a routine basis. A daily pickup time is established in accordance with your office’s requirements. Our drivers are trained and aware of your customized service needs.
  • STAT Services – Daily immediate pick-up with specimen results within an hour after the arrival to our laboratory. All specimens must be properly labeled and handled to insure proper results. 
  • Supplies – All supplies necessary for specimen collection are furnished at NO EXTRA CHARGE. An appointed representative will demonstrate the proper use of all materials, and review any general information from our handbook and request forms when the account is established.
  • Reporting – All reports are informed on well designed and easy to read laboratory request forms at first. STAT and Critical values are reported verbally AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. With state of the art web based Clinician Portal you will be able to create the patient's order, print the patient’s lab labels, and look up and print patient results. We also offer direct interfacing capabilities with your EHR (Electronic Health Records) system, we are able to help your facility become paperless by giving you the ability to receive and see live results in your practices computer system, DR’s IPAD/TABLET or Smart Phone through your very own IP Address, as soon as the results are processed by our laboratory, enabling your practice or facility to also print out the results immediately giving you a better, faster and more reliable service. We will train your staff on these programs at NO ADDITIONAL COST TO YOU.
  • Consultations – A Board Certified Pathologist is available for consultation and general information on laboratory testing upon request. 
  • Homebound Services - We offer phlebotomy at home for patients that are homebound. Medicare pays for this service, this service is also available for a fee for Non-Medicare patients.